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The Unpaved Road - Blues

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Blues LP The Unpaved Road 


As a blues performer and singer-songwriter Ewout Adriaans is second to none. This first solo album is the culmination of a lifetime of songwriting and performing. It was recorded life on stage, in one take in October 2017 in the JUG SOUND studio, in one of those rare moments that everything comes together: the band did not show up for rehearsal, Rikus, the recording engineer had to test some new equipment, and Ewi (for friends), went to a stack of rough patches in his personal life. The result is a collection of blues and ballads with an intensity that is rarely caught on tape. 

As a songwriter Ewi plays tribute to names like Robert Johnson, Willy Nelson and, above all, Tom Waits. Over the years he has created his own personal idiom, a poetic universe, in which archetypes like “The rider in black” and “Unpaved road” act as symbols for riddles that haunt our existence. The marriage of these lyrics, tapping in to the dark side of our soul, to the austere musical accompaniment, reduced to its's bare essentials, revives

the blues as a vehicle for artistic expression as fresh and new as it was 100 years ago.



1 ... Fourty day’s

2 ... Mama looked sad

3 ... This road is mine

4 ... Goodbye

5 ... When a woman gets thirsty



1 ... Rider in black

2 ... Judgements day

3 ... I cried a bit

4 ... Unpaved road

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